The Importance of Magento Performance Optimisation

Magento performance is of paramount importance. Loading speed has a direct and measurable impact on the conversion rate of your website, hence having an optimized Magento installation is crucial to the success of your Magento shop and possibly even your business in general.
Google now use site speed as a key ranking factor in search results. The key performance aspects that google look at are:

FCP – First Contentful Paint
Speed Index
LCP – Largest Contentful Paint
TTI – Time to Interactive
TBT – Total Blocking Time
CLS – Cumulative Layout Shift

If you value your business and want to succeed then it is crucial that your Magento website performance is optimised to the highest possible level.
We offer several Magento optimisation packages tailored to your needs and after an initial analysis we will be able to advise on what service would be best suited.

What is Included in our Performance Optimisation Service

Web Server Checks

Checking configuration, vulnerabilities and fine tuning your web server.


Fine tuning Cache and adding additional caching systems if needed.

Media Optimisation

Image, content and other media data optimisation to improve performance.

Database Optimisation

Inspection of database and optimisation where necessary.

CSS and JavaScript

Checking code. Minifying CSS and JavaScript for better performance.

Magento Code Optimisation

Default and other Magento core code optimisation.